About Us

Karibu PETREM School of Ministry

A place to Discover, Define and Accelerate your destiny

To mobilize and equip saints for the work of ministry.

To develop all rounded saints for effective ministry in the market place and mission field through theoretical and practical ministry.

  1. ANOINTING: The power of the Holy Spirit to empower a believer to walk effectively.
  2. REVELATION: A deeper understanding of the Word.
  3. IMPARTATION: Impartation means transferring of one’s spirit,
    character and knowledge.
  4. CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY: Upholding moral sanity and honesty. Living true to the core of the Word.
  5. WISDOM AND EXCELLENCE: Doing things the right way, the first time.
  6. DISCIPLESHIP: Teachability that leads to mastery.
  7. LEADERSHIP: The ability to take charge and responsibility.
  1. To create deeper biblical understanding. – Theoretical classes
  2. To develop a lifestyle of prayer. – Theoretical classes
  3. To create a platform for mentorship for students. – Talk shows
  4. To create exposure for practical life solution. – Missions.
  5. To stir students’ passion for service and missions. – Conferences.
  6. To provide an environment for social maturity and emotionally intelligence. – Retreat
  7. To commission the students for transformative living. – Latter Fire

PETREM International was officially launched during its first annual conference, The Latter Fire Conference held in December, 1996 at Dagoretti High School.

Due to their youth and inexperience in Ministry, the pioneers struggled to channel the limited resources they had. Fortunately, the conference received vast support from the school administration, particularly from the Principal at the time, Mr. J. K. Mburia and the Christian Union Patrons, Mrs. Masele and Ms. Ruth Kiurani. Kennedy remains forever grateful to these teachers.

Over the years, the conference has received widespread attention and has been attended by form four leavers from schools in Nairobi and its outskirts. The schools include: Dagoretti High School, Moi Girls High School Nairobi, St. Georges High School, State House Girls High School, Mang’u High School, Mary Hill School, Upper Hill High School, Ngara Girls, Kanunga High School, Kapsabet Girls, Jamuhuri High, Nembu Girls, Alliance Boys and Girls amongst others.

The conference had massive success and later on graduated to weekly Friday meetings hosted at Uhuru Park. The young convertes would preach at Bus Station, Kencom, in Matatus, Schools and Churches. Eventually, the fellowship grew, leading to the renting of a church hall at Mang Hotel within the CBD. Pst Julius Mbevi was instrumental to the ministry at this time.

In December 1997 during the second Latter Fire conference, the Lord imparted Kennedy with the vision to begin The School of Ministry, where kindgom sons would be equipped, trained and released for the work of ministry. The following year in 1998, the students received teaching and impartation from notable ministers such as Bishop Daniel Kamau, Bishop Wilson Mamboleo, Bishop Jonah Obonuo, Bishop Pius Muiru, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, Evangelist Mama Mwai, Evangelist Nixon Osumba, Pastor Andrew Oyola, Pastor John Gatheca, Pastor Simon Mbevi, Apostle Niyi Morakinyo and many others.

The first graduation ceremony was held after 2 years of impartation and teaching in October of 1998. A total of 20 students graduated, including Kennedy and the founding elders. The ceremony was presided by Bishop Jonah Obonyo.

In the preceding years, The School of Ministry grew into a realized institution, with the following Deans of Students:

Pastor Pancras Ngira :1999 – 2000
Pastor Victor Osalo : 2001 – 2003
Pastor Paul Okello : 2004 – 2008
Pastor Gabriel Ndung’u : 2009 – 2011
Pastor Daniel Ngure : 2012 – 2016
Pastor Brian Muganyizi : 2017 – To date

By the grace of God The School of Ministry has impacted many youths for ministry in the seven spheres of influence within the world. Kennedy remains thankful to God for the grace to be fruitful during the end times.