We All Need Support At One Point


Power End Time Revival Evangelistic Ministries (PETREM) is a Christ centred Ministry with a vision to raise Kingdom Sons. Our God given mandate is to impact the world by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1:18. To fulfil the vision, PETREM birthed The PETREM School of Ministry (SOM) in the year 1999 and has seen hundreds graduate to become ministers of the word.

We believe that it is paramount for all believers to be acquainted with God’s plan and purpose for their lives. SOM is a platform where one gets to discover, define and accelerate their destiny. We teach the word of God and empower our students to become Kingdom leaders in their areas of function. We are committed to building and strengthening the church of God, one son at a time.
Our Lord, Jesus Christ, admonishes us through Mathew 10:8 to share the gospel freely with all men. SOM has always had its doors open for all truth seekers and has never turned students away, even when they lacked school fees. Without a doubt, running an institution costs money and as such, we make appeals to donors and sponsors to facilitate needy students.

PETREM shall employ the Targeted Free Tuition (TFT) system in awarding scholarships to its students. The spirit of this criteria is award scholarships based on need, whereby the neediest students receive the scholarship first. The scholarships shall also be awarded on a pro rata basis, which is dependent on available funds. PETREM also intends to apply the cost sharing criterion in awarding scholarships. The cost sharing criterion is whereby the students and school share the unit cost of the program.

1. Must be 18+ years of age.  If a minor, proof of parental consent should be provided to undertake the program.

The Scholarship award process shall take the following course:
1. An eligible student shall apply for a scholarship by filling the relevant documents detailing the specific reason why they are unable to raise the full amount of school fees required and stating how much they are able to raise.
2. The form(s) shall then be critically examined by the Scholarship Awarding Committee (SAC) to determine eligibility of the student(s).
3. Depending on available resources, the SAC will then prepare an advisory to the head of finance for consideration and approval.
4. Finance department shall then make their decision and give the feedback to the SAC.
5. SAC shall then contact the student(s) who applied for the scholarship and give them the news on whether they will be awarded the scholarship or not.